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Here in Wisconsin, the Fish Fry is a staple of Friday Nights, like high school football in Texas! If you have a restaurant you have to have a solid fish fry, that’s just the rules. Growing up in the Dells area, you better believe that my parents were out almost every Friday to their favorite spots enjoying the best Cod, Bluegill, and Perch around the area. The Wisconsin Dells was nothing like it is now. Fort Dells was the hot ticket in town back in the day, the Dells Ducks, and water parks like Noah’s were just starting to get big. Fast forward to 2021 and the Dells is loaded with seemingly endless options of things to do and places to eat, so how does one choose?

Bobbers Island Grill strives to give you a fun atmosphere, family oriented, and just a bit different from the normal dine in experience. Our sister company, The Reef, has live music almost every Friday that starts early so that our patrons can enjoy musical talents while getting a great meal. In the summer months our huge outdoor patio provides the perfect setting, live music, volleyball courts, giant Jenga, shuffle board, cornhole, and more!

Our fish fry starts with the must have, lightly hand battered fried Cod, or baked Cod for those looking for a healthier option. Mix it up a little with fried Perch and now you have the makings of a great dinner. If you would like to try both, who are we to stop you? Grab a combo! Add Bobber’s home made Cole Slaw, Corn Fritters, Jasmine Rice, Honey Butter and a side of your choice. This delicious meal will be more than enough for the average human, but don’t stop at one serving, this is an All You Can Eat Fish Fry all winter long! That’s right, come hungry, bring the family and enjoy a great night out on the town.

Tipsy Bobber

Every meal needs a good drink and would we really be an island themed restaurant without a Rum based house drink? Of course we wouldn’t! Enter the Tipsy Bobber, the perfect blend of Coconut Rum and Spiced Rum, add Melon Liquor, a splash of grenadine sweet & sour and Sprite to create a sweet rum drink with a slight kick of spice. Every Friday the Tipsy Bobber is on a buy two for the price of one special.

In the summer months, after dinner, stop by Two Scoops! Our ice cream boat just off of our patio area. Get a sweet treat and enjoy the live music to round out the night. If you are kid free, The Reef Night Club kicks off with DJ Felix every Friday night at 10PM. Dinner and Dancing Dells Style.

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